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The Cryptids


Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures is a collection of lore and hand drawn doodles from the perspective of Jerome, a character from The Cryptid Coalition, one of the six pillars of the FlavorVerse.

This Page will be the Directory for all Pages, Lore, and World building articles within Jerome’s Journal.

Each page in the Journal is akin to an entry in a PokeDex or an Encyclopedia of Animals, however, from the POV of the character Jerome, who after becoming a Cryptid Hunter as part of the Cryptid Coalition, dedicated his life to studying and observing everything he could after the events of the large scale war, The Battle of the Creators. These will give details on each Cryptid, alongside bits of lore from the world I have created itself, including hints to some events that happen in the stories I’ve written, which I hope will be a treat when I can eventually tell the larger story.

Each page includes a written lore piece alongside a Marker Doodle Drawing of the Cryptid, drawn by me (Keep in mind, I do not claim to be good at drawing).

Like the newspapers and Almanacs before him, Jerome would send in his handwritten notes to the Cryptid Coalition for over twenty years, and it was eventually published. The journal became something of a beginner’s handbook for upcoming Cryptid Hunters.


The Cryptid Coalition: The First Pillar of the FlavorVerse — Daily Flavor #1

Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures — Introduction

Flavor Emblems: Cryptid Collection

Cryptid Pages

Page 1: Leed’s Devil

Page 2: Bunyip

Page 3: Sasquatch

Page 4: Water Horse

Page 5: Pegasus

Page 6: Wolpertinger

Page 7: Chupacabra

Page 8: Phoenix

Page 9: Basilisk

Page 10: Unicorn

Page 11: Peryton

Page 12: Shore Laddie

Page 13: Kelpie

Page 14: Yeti

Page 15: Manticore

Page 16: Mothman

Page 17: Karkadaan

Page 18: Kappa

Page 19: Jackalope

Page 20: Tarasque

Page 21: Ammit

Page 22: Athol

Page 23: Pixie

Page 24: Enfield

Page 25: Hakobune

Page 26: Skvader

Page 27: Hippalectryon

Page 28: Frog

Page 29: Imp

Page 30: Minotaur

Page 31: Crow

Page 32: Amarok

Page 33: Chemosit

Page 34: Mahamba

Page 35: Akhult

Page 36: Griffin

Page 37: Chimera

Page 38: Qilin

Page 39: Mammoth

Page 40: Saber Tooth

Forbidden Pages

Page 1: The Igami and The Legendary Lost Cities

Page 2: The Mystic Egg of Shangri-La

Page 3: The Stone Egg of Babylon

Page 4: The Dune Egg of Zerzura

Page 5: The Aqua Egg of Atlantis

Page 6: The Organic Egg of Agartha

Page 7: The Golden Egg of Babylon


Jerome’s Journal Page — OG Membership Pass

Jerome’s Journal is written from the perspective of Jerome Griffin, a few decades after the events of the story of The Cryptid Coalition. Jerome spends his life after the Battle of the Creators observing and researching Cryptids, and keeps a Journal for his notes. He starts his own Almanac, inspired by “Poor Grover’s”, sending out Pages of his work to fellow Cryptid Hunters. Eventually, The Cryptid Coalition publishes a copy of his notes, and uses them to give out to their Rookie Hunters.

A collection of 40 different Cryptids, each with their own set of lore and a hand drawn doodle.

I will create added utility for the Flavor Emblems based on these Pages for the rest of my life.

Flavor Emblems: Cryptid Collection

There are 2,000 Flavor Emblems in the Cryptid Collection. You can find a complete breakdown of these collectible cards here.

Flavor Emblems Genesis Set

Every single Cryptid with a page in Jerome’s Journal has a 1/1 Flavor Emblem 3d collectible card. Check out this article for more information on the Flavor Emblems Genesis Set

Peryton — Flavor Emblem





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