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Leed’s Devil —

I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not to use the Gargoylian name or one of the more well known, and I’ve settled on labeling it as the Leed’s Devil. This Cryptid is heavily intertwined with the Leed’s Family, dating back to the Ancient War between Gargoyles and Mermaids.

It was also the focal point of the Battle of the Creators, the war I was cursed with participating in firsthand. The cute, furry demeanor of a young Leed’s Devil is nothing compared to the horror that a fully grown Leed’s Devil can bring upon someone — the nightmares that come along with it.

I’ve seen this Cryptid bring so much pain and suffering to one of my dearest friends in Maurice Lamar: It changed him.

The Leed’s Devil has a face resembling that of a goat, with horns so large and bent that it is perfect for a devastating head bash. Their hind legs begin to grow much larger than their front ones, and they have large wings that resemble that of a bat’s wing, however much more powerful.

A dark mane covers their neck, and while their front legs have hand-like talons, their feet are hooves. They are dark brown with some gray.

They have the ability to heal, specifically those that have part of the Gargoylian DNA. They fly with an incredible speed, and their tail can penetrate like a large scorpion’s stinger.

I believe these Cryptids to be immortal, however, there’s only been a small sample size to pull from.

They are not naturally created. The process in which a Leed’s Devil is created, I do not wish to speak of, because the knowledge must disappear from this world.

Often times, a Leed’s Devil will find a large open area, with a lack of sunlight, and spend centuries terrorizing their domain.

Notable Facts

  • The Leed’s Devil has also gone by the more common name of The Jersey Devil.
  • Leed’s Devil gets its name from being tightly connected to the Leed’s Family. Leed’s, with the apostrophe, is the family name.

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