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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

2 min readJan 28, 2022

In the Icelands, wolf tracks would be seen disappearing into the ocean.

Fishermen were attacked after exclaiming to see small dorsal fins, then a small Orca whale dive out of the water.

The Akhlut were discovered about one hundred years ago, with black rubbery skin, resembling that of an Orca, but the legs and mouth of a wolf. Picture a large wolf, just with the skin of an Orca, a blowhole, and a dorsal fin.

There aren’t very many, as the Akhult were likely hunted down to near extinction long ago.

Locals to the rural area said that the Mermaids that lived in the outskirts away from the main underwater cities would keep the Akhlut as pets, but that’s only folklore.

Akhult have the ability to swim at high speeds, and are expert trackers. Being able to live in cold waters and snow helps them find a niche that most Cryptids can’t.

The Akhult can get rather large, some even growing to the size of a large Orca, but with the ability to walk on land.

My hypothesis is that Orcas evolved from land creatures, and a few evolved keeping their legs, and became the Akhult. It’s possible these are ancient creatures, surviving this long in the rural areas in the ice.

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