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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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The Kappa, the Children of the River. The River of Spirits falls from the mountainous region next to the Great Ice Mountain, and reaches the Sea to the West. The river is infested in certain areas with Kappa.

Kappa are small creatures, only standing around 3 feet tall. They stand on their thin hind legs, and hide among the rocks to sneak up on the fish that are traveling down the mountain.

They have shells on their back, each with different patterns. Their nimble fingers allow them to crack clams and shells they find near the sea to eat the inners.

On the top of their head, they have large bushels of hair that protects a cavity in their skull that holds water. This cavity water is the source of their Cryptid Energy, and acts as fuel for their magical aquatic abilities.

Over the years, there have been stories and myths of these Kappas being children who have drowned in the river, but their souls were saved, and bonded to Sea Turtles. This is how they were given the name: The Children of the River.

Unfortunately, it’s also rumored that the Kappa have taken children for the sole purpose of repopulating their numbers. Neither of this is known to be fact, but certain periods of time through history, alongside a strikingly higher number of lost children near river cities might prove this dark myth true.

Notable Facts

  • Villages near the River of Spirits through history have had stories of large groups of Kappa entering their village, not seeming like a threat to the village.

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