The FlavorVerse

Who am I and what do I want?

Danathon James

My Inspirations

My Story Worlds

The Cryptid Coalition

Color Scheme for Cryptid Coalition

The First Pillar of the FlavorVerse.


Color Scheme for 2184

Toy Saga

Color Scheme for Toy Saga

The Silly Shenanigans of Professor Preposterous

Professor Preposterous, Dave, and Captain Jawline
Color Scheme for Professor Preposterous

Whimsical Creatures

Color Scheme for Whimsical Creatures

The Harbinger

Color Scheme for The Harbinger

My Core Character Project

Flavor Emblems NFT Project




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Using NFT's to build a canonically weaved world known as the FlavorVerse from the stories I create as a writer, director, and gamer.