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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

2 min readDec 27, 2021

The Jackalope is rare. Such a small, cute Cryptid was one of the hardest to prove their existence. They have almost all of the same features as a normal bunny rabbit with one distinction — they have a set of antlers.

Similar in appearance to the Wolpertinger without the wings, the Jackalope is much quicker than its flighty fellow, able to zig and zag with speed that allows it to outrun wolves in their prime.

Jackalope sightings are usually in forest areas, but with how fast they are, it’s abnormally hard to get a good look at them once they have a sense of danger.

The Jackalope has been labeled as a creature with an insanely high amount of PCE, or Potential Cryptid Energy, the term that the Cryptid Coalition uses for creatures that have the potential to have Cryptid Energy, but has yet to be proven.

A friend of mine wrote to me years back saying they had caught a Jackalope, and befriended it, saying that it was indeed a Cryptid. They ended their note with: ‘PS: Have you heard of the Easter Bunny?”

This leads me to believe that the Jackalope has the potential to transform, and if I ever see my friend again, I hope to pry for more information if they’re willing to share, but it would explain why it was so hard to find a Jackalope if they have multiple forms.

Notable Facts

  • It’s possible the ‘Easter Bunny’ was a Jackalope Cryptid Partner spreading joy through scavenger hunts. It could have been a con artist exploiting their Cryptid Partner for money.

*For more information on the NFT project, go to Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

As more information comes into the world of The Cryptid Coalition, this page will be updated.

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