Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

An NFT Encyclopedia from the world of The Cryptid Coalition

3 min readDec 8, 2021
Set 1 of Jerome’s Journal


Hello, my name is Danathon James, and I’ve been honed in on creating my art, my canonically weaved together worlds of the FlavorVerse, and I’m going to be releasing pages of Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures from the world of The Cryptid Coalition as NFT’s.

I feel that Writing and Directing has yet to hit the NFT space in a major way, but I hope to be able to build my world and intellectual property to create a community that brings my written imagination to life.

To find the full list of Pages in the Encyclopedia, go to the official Jerome’s Journal Directory.

The Basis of Each NFT

Each page in the Journal is akin to an entry in a PokeDex or an Encyclopedia of Animals, however, I’m writing from the POV of the character Jerome, who after becoming a Cryptid Hunter as part of the Cryptid Coalition, dedicated his life to studying and observing everything he could after the events of the large scale war, The Battle of the Creators. These will give details on each Cryptid, alongside bits of lore from the world I have created itself, including hints to some events that happen in the stories I’ve written, which I hope will be a treat when I can eventually tell the larger story.

Each page will include a written lore piece alongside a Marker Doodle Drawing of the Cryptid, drawn by me (Keep in mind, I do not claim to be good at drawing).

Like the newspapers and Almanacs before him, Jerome would send in his handwritten notes to the Cryptid Coalition for over twenty years, and it was eventually published. The journal became something of a beginner’s handbook for upcoming Cryptid Hunters.

When enough pages are completed, I will be self-publishing the book.

I will create an article for every Cryptid with its lore, for easy to read access.

I will be releasing the first set, 5 pages of different Cryptids. There will be 10 Copies, .024 ETH each. In the future, I will raise the price of new Sets.

Set 1

Leed’s Devil —
Bunyip —
Sasquatch —
Water Horse —
Pegasus —

Long Term Goals for The Cryptid Coalition

The Cryptid Coalition is one of my six pillars of the FlavorVerse. Part of funds taken from the world of The Cryptid Coalition will help raise funds for Wildlife Conservations.

It’s no secret that The Cryptid Coalition is heavily inspired by Pokemon, and I have always wanted to craft stories, direct films, and build games that follow a similar path, but darker, around the TV-16 level.

  • Direct a Fantasy Film Trilogy.
  • Create A Play-To-Earn Game with Original Story for Collectors and Competitive Play

In the Short Term, I might look into creating a Pokemon-like game on RPG Maker with a complete original story in the world of The Cryptid Coalition.


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Building a canonically weaved world known as the FlavorVerse from the stories I create as a writer, director, and gamer.