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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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The ruins of El Dorado, the Lost Golden City, has drawings of multiple depictions of what seem to be a rooster mixed with a deer.

The Hippalectryon have tail feathers that are extremely colorful, usually red, yellow, and green, with a body that is a warm golden brown.

It is said that the Hippalectryon brings good fortune to all that come around it, becoming one of the great hunts for Cryptid Hunters, but never to any true success. Only depictions have been found, and thus, all descriptions of the Hippalectryon could be incorrect.

Hippalectryon seem to be able to create some sort of golden coin, which could be one of the reasons that El Dorado was seen as so prosperous. Whether or not this is actual gold or a gold-like substance is yet to be confirmed.

I fear it’s possible that people used the power of the Hippalectryon to produce whatever substance it was they made, and passed it off as gold, ripping people off in the process. The appearance of wealth could bring a person into actual wealth due to the acceptance of the nature of the product created.

Hippalectryon seem to be beautiful and graceful creatures, likely caught up with the wrong crowd which lead to their demise.

Notable Facts

  • Many people have been scammed and robbed thanks to the powers of the Hippalectryon.

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