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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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There is a town in the southern most region of the land that dedicates their existence to the mysterious Mothman. It was said that over one hundred years ago, an earthquake destroyed most of the region, and created a large chasm in an instant. A dark humanoid figure with beautiful wings flew with such speed to save the people of the town. They said the man was fuzzy, had antennas, and wings with special patterns on them.

They began to recreate their town on the edges of the chasm in honor of the flying man who saved them. He has been given the name of Mothman for the resemblance of a fuzzy moth with light colored wings.

Every year, the people of Chasm’s Edge hold ‘The Festival of the Moth’, a week long festival to honor Mothman, with food, attractions, and extreme events, such as creating wings to glide through the chasm on obstacle courses made for the event. It is a Festival people travel all around the world to participate in, turning the town of the Chasm’s Edge into a rather wealthy town.

I’ve visited this Festival a few times in my life, and it’s one of the most special events I have participated in. While I hear it has been rather commercialized, knowing the right people, and the right way to celebrate can still give a traditional Festival Experience.

Notable Facts

  • The Festival of the Mothman has some of the most dangerous special attractions in the entire world, such as Chasm Gliding.

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