The Mystic Egg of Shangri-La — Forbidden Page 2

Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

2 min readApr 16, 2022

Shangri-La lies hidden in the Great Ice Mountains. Some say it floats high above the mountains. It’s known as the Great Harmonious Valley, having beautiful fields with lands that are filled with vivid colors.

The borders of Shangri-La are covered with snow, and give the Cryptids and critters of the area a hybrid coat, mixing their winter coats with soft pastel colors, like pink, blue, and purple.

This was the first Lost City that the Cryptid Coalition established themselves on, setting up the first ever Hunter’s Lodge. All members with a Cryptid Hunter’s License are given free room and board while they visit the area.

The city of Shangri-La have huts built from natural material found in the valley, such as thick straw. The city is very natural and sits next to a crystal clear icy cold lake that has a giant waterfall fall into the Great Ice Mountain, and flows directly into the River of Spirits.

Stories of the creature that came from the Mystic Egg of Shangri-La say that the Great Ice Mountain became icy through the creature’s breath.

Notable Facts:

  • Shangri-La is the first section of The Cryptid Coalition: Pick Your Path story.

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