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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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Water Horse —

Quite possibly one of the most famous Cryptids, this one has been called many names throughout history. The Water Horse.

It is said that only one of these can exist at one time. Whether this was always the case, or a matter of circumstance is the question.

When a Water Horse dies, its Spiritual Energy forms into a perfect sphere, looking like a giant rainbow pearl, and out hatches a baby Water Horse. The mixed emotions of watching a Water Horse die during the Battle of the Creators, then witnessing the creation of new life is something I will never forget.

They have a large dark blue body attached to a thin, but strong, lengthy neck. On their bodies, they have 4 flipper-like limbs, and a tail that can resemble an eel. There is no known cap for how large a Water Horse can become, likely depending on the area it resides in. When I visited the Ancient Sea Temple, and saw a Water Horse for the first time, their grandiose kaiju size felt unreal. Their body is so vast and dark blue, that if they are sleeping, you would think you’re looking at the ocean itself.

As expected, a Water Horse lives in large bodies of water.

The Water Horse is the Cryptid partner of the Great Guardian of the Mermaids, who has traveled through time alongside his partner. After the Battle of the Creators, the Great Guardian spoke about finding the young Water Horse a new home, somewhere throughout time where it can live for years, and grow up, not worrying about being captured to do battle.

Notable Facts

  • The most common sighting and rumors for a Water Horse have been at Loch Ness, giving its most well known name, the Loch Ness Monster.

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