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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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I always knew there was something special about Crow; they can remember a human based on remembering what type of automobile they have, that’s what they always said.

Crows are Cryptids hiding in plain sight. They’re able to mask their Cryptid Energy, coming across nearly undetectable. This makes them extremely reliable as a secret message delivery system. They can either carry notes, or with training, can mimic human dialogue.

Crows are a small, sometimes medium sized birds with black feathers. They observe. Observe and remember. Their specific type of intellect is near unmatched in the Cryptid landscape.

Grover Holland once saved the Lamar siblings and myself from a Crow Ambush. A Cryptid Hunter had a whole murder of crows as his Cryptid Partner, and when we entered the Village of Fort Denouement, and saw an empty town square with crows circling him and his Sasquatch, Boonie, were able to pinpoint where the crows were going to lead us, and let us fight the Cryptid Hunter without the handicap of first being ambushed.

Crows aren’t the easiest to befriend, and it’s rare you’ll find anyone who believes that a Crow is a Cryptid in the first place. There are even people who believe that once a Cryptid is known to exist, a lot of their power decreases unless they were able to make a soul bond with someone.

It’s one of the reasons many Cryptid Hunters hated the old corporate Cryptid Coalition.

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