Jerome’s Journal: Chimera — Page 37

An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

2 min readFeb 1, 2022

An Ancient Hybrid Creature, only found in lost ruins, there’s something strange about this creature.

The Chimera has only been seen on stone drawings. There was a fossil that looked to be part of a spine that turned into three separate heads, one with a lion head, one eagle, one snake. The back of it looked like a giant lizard.

This stood out to me because of my hunch that the Griffin is a genetically created Cryptid, mainly because they’re both part Lion and Eagle.

The Manticore and Ammit have a lot of similarities as the Griffin since they’re all unnaturally large beasts that have been used for combat.

My theory is that the Chimera is an ancient hybrid creature that the Gargoyles found, and tried to recreate the process with Manticore and Ammit. The Griffin likely was created later down the line by someone recreating the Gargoyle process.

I can only imagine the Chimera’s strength and power, and what was necessary to take it out for it to not be here any more.

Of course, I’m only assuming that it’s not here any more. It might just be exceptional at staying hidden.

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