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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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The ruins found at the site said to be the great city of Babylon, depictions of the Tarasque were littered near what was thought to be the palace gates. Large statues at the doorways lead us to believe that the Tarasque were legendary and an honored Cryptid in the lost city.

The Tarasque has features that resemble both that of a Dragon and a Dinosaur, possibly confirming the existence of both through evolution. They are easily the size of a medium sized elephant, with green scaly skin. They walk on six thick legs that are connected by a giant spiked shell that covers the majority of their body. They have a longer neck with a giant snouted head with dangerous, slightly angled horns, and a wide tail that when swung, looks like it could break stone.

Some of the drawings imply the ability of poison breath, causing extreme burns on its victims. This is possibly why a lot of Dragon research has fire breath attached to it, but the existence of Dragons have yet to be confirmed.

Some depictions visualize human sacrifices by the Royal Babylonians to the Tarasque. While most researchers have stated it’s to honor the Tarasque for a higher power, looking at the depictions, it seems to me that it’s more of a punishment or used for entertainment purposes for the wealthier Babylonians.

Notable Facts

  • Babylon is thought to be the possible origination of the Gargoyles.

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