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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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Pegasus —

Some say a Pegasus is nothing more than a Unicorn with wings, but this couldn’t be further than the truth.

A Pegasus is often darker in color, and physically more dominant than a Unicorn. A man named Lancelot had a Pegasus as his partner, and he would travel the world to help preserve the safety of Cryptid’s, often getting into many types of skirmishes with both wild Cryptids and fellow Hunters. I don’t always like his methods, but as a Cryptid Hunter, Lancelot is top notch. I have met many upcoming Hunters who have credited Lancelot for introducing them into the world of Cryptids, and unfortunately, Cryptid Skirmishing.

Pegasus have the body of a large horse, with wings so thick, a sword couldn’t penetrate through them. They can fly with high speed, and its large spiraled horn is deadly to anything it stabs. They are the perfect battle companion.

You can find Pegasus up on high mountain tops where most humans need to be acclimated to the altitude to be able to breath. It is said that the grass that grows on the mountain tops is necessary for a Pegasus to survive due to the mist and dew that accumulates onto it from dense clouds. It’s possible they need to consume the clouds themselves for fuel.

Notable Facts

  • Pegasus are known to have a special bond with their riders, able to feel their emotions.

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