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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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The famous Basilisk, Maurice Lamar and I had many encounters with a Basilisk over the years, and it was a perfect companion to the snake himself, Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was able to prolong his lifespan multiple times through his Basilisk partner ingesting him, and putting him into an induced coma for years, then regurgitates him years later, shedding his old skin. It’s a phenomenal occurrence, albeit pretty gross.

Benjamin Franklin had his own journal, ‘Poor Richard’s Almanac’, no doubt inspired Grover Holland’s, ‘Poor Grover’s’. Maurice Lamar had a vision when we met the Leed’s Devil in the Pine Barrens, and was able to witness Benjamin Franklin being in direct competition to the Leed’s Family’s own newsletter, and he printed a page of Poor Richard’s proclaiming Titan Leed’s to be dead, and then came back as a ghost.

The ties to the Leed’s Family and the Leed’s Devil, made the Basilisk quite a noteworthy Cryptid. It has the power to turn people into stone when gazing into their eyes. They have a light orange, peach colored skin with 2 large fangs dripping from the roof of their mouth.

They’re able to spit acid and regurgitate objects they have ingested. Their skin is a rather valuable resource, and can be used to make armor and other items that have a natural replenishing effect due to the skin being able to shed, a natural healing ability.

Notable Facts

  • The Basilisk was often gathered and bred by Mermaids for their ability to turn Gargoyles into permanent stone statues.

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