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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

2 min readJan 6, 2022

Imps are small, spirit like creatures. You always feel the heat of these little spitfires when they are near.

Standing at around a foot and a half tall, Imps have the ability to appear out no nowhere. When they do, there will be a puff of smoke coming alongside with them. They are pure red, bipedal, and often times they carry around some sort of object with them, growing a deep sentimental attachment with the item.

Imps have been known to destroy entire forests, making them a natural born enemy to the Hakobune.

A high profile Cryptid Criminal, the Forest Arsonist, had an Imp as a partner, and they would cause fire around the forests of the Hakobune, trying to bait the majestic creature into revealing themselves so he could capture one. It’s unknown if he was ever successful, but multiple Hakobune were taken out in the process.

Imps are rare, and can vanish in an instant, leaving only ashes in their place. I’ve only seen one Imp in person, and it was when I was chasing the Forest Arsonist. Bunny and I were never able to catch him, being foiled in our tracks every time. His Imp Cryptid Partner always allowed him to disappear into smoke and escape.

Notable Facts

  • An Imp ruined Jerome’s favorite sweater by burning the threads just from being near it.

*For more information on the NFT project, go to Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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