The Daily Flavor #1: The Cryptid Coalition, The First Pillar of the FlavorVerse

The Official Newsletter of the FlavorVerse

8 min readDec 17, 2021


What’s up, this is the first official write-up of the Daily Flavor. Any news updates or personal thoughts I have relating to the FlavorVerse, I will write up a Daily Flavor about it. Don’t let the name fool you; it will not be everyday.

The Six Pillars of the FlavorVerse are the different story worlds that I have created and canonically weaved together. You can read about the introduction to the FlavorVerse and each individual story world here. For each Story World, I will create a system once they get rolling that focuses on a Charity/Donation aspect. For instance, The Cryptid Coalition will create a Charity/Donation program to help protect wildlife, whereas Toy Saga, the Third Pillar, will create a system to help collect Toys for kids who’s families can’t afford them.

I believe that Lore and World building is one of the building blocks for a successful NFT project — it creates the world around the community for you to truly submerge yourself in. And the blockchain has given us the technology to immerse yourself deeper into the worlds.

I wish to create a Metaverse Theme Park with my intellectual property. Curating Attractions, Games, and Experiences, entertainment of all kinds within my worlds.

It starts with the First Pillar.

Introduction to The Cryptid Coalition, The First Pillar of the FlavorVerse.

I always say I have two fears: one rational, one irrational.

The irrational fear is that of Frogs. How some people act around spiders, I am of Frogs. While I won’t go running and screaming around the room (at least not every time), I keep myself a good distance away from the Frog. However, I am intrigued by Frogs and often collect Frog themed items, or use them in my writing. Spoiler alert, one of the Cryptids is a Frog.

The second fear is Giant Sea Monsters. And yes, that is rational. Can’t convince me otherwise. And like the Frog, I have grown highly intrigued with the idea of Giant Sea Monsters.

I’ve always been attracted to the idea of wonder, the mystery, the what if. I have quite an imagination, and this has brought me to liking Giant Sea Monsters, which eventually lead me to the Loch Ness Monster and Atlantis.

More than finding out if these are real or not, it is the legends, the myths, the fables of the grandiose wonder that intrigues me. I get to use my imagination to play with the idea that they are real, that they could be real.

And that lead me to wanting to write a story about them. When I was 15, I was working on a story that involved a Secret Organization, A Hunt for the Loch Ness monster, and finding Atlantis.

When I was 18, I started working on a fantasy novel. I wanted to create a large scale war between two species of creature that could be played by humans, so I started writing about an ancient conflict between Gargoyles and Mermaids. I picked Gargoyles because I was inspired by a quest line in the MMORPG, Runescape, that went through a storyline with a city of Vampires, and Mermaids were a given thanks to my love for Sea Monsters. I ended up writing the backstory for my villain of that series so much, that I could have made that its own novel.

Along with my love for Pokemon, it was the combination of these two stories that lead to creating The Cryptid Coalition.

The Story

In the ‘modern day’, Maurice Lamar and Jerome Griffin are called to adventure after Cryptid Hunter Grover Holland, author of the Cryptid Newsletter, “Poor Grover’s Almanac”, discovers a rare chunk of meteorite that reacts to The Cryptid Coalition’s Cryptid Crystals extraordinarily, releasing the Leed’s Devil from a deep slumber. Maurice bonds with the Leed’s Devil, and begins to have visions, revealing the possibile whereabouts of his missing sister, Lillian, against the orders of The Cryptid Coalition.

Jerome’s Journal: An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

A Collection of the Cryptid Pages of Jerome’s Journal

Jerome’s Journal is written from the perspective of Jerome Griffin, a few decades after the events of the story of The Cryptid Coalition. Jerome spends his life after the Battle of the Creators observing and researching Cryptids, and keeps a Journal for his notes. He starts his own Almanac, inspired by “Poor Grover’s”, sending out Pages of his work to fellow Cryptid Hunters. Eventually, The Cryptid Coalition publishes a copy of his notes, and uses them to give out to their Rookie Hunters.

A collection of 40 different Cryptids, each with their own set of lore and a hand drawn doodle. 10 copies of each, plus a 1/1 Legendary Edition of each. There will be a few additional sets added later down the line. You can find them here.

These will be what acts as the OG Membership Pass for the entirety of the FlavorVerse, not just The Cryptid Coalition. Each Page acts as an individualized version of an OG Badge. I will create added utility for these Pages the rest of my life.

The Cryptid Coalition was the best of my story worlds to begin with based on the individualization possible to create the OG Badges.

Goals for The Cryptid Coalition and Beyond

The Main Goals for The Cryptid Coalition are:

  • Direct the Trilogy
  • Create the Game
  • Create the Metaverse
  • Raise Funds To Help The Preservation Of Wildlife

I am a Film Director: that is my passion. As a Film Director, I have a heavy inspiration from literature and focus on the story process and lore building itself.

Down the line, I plan to make Cryptid Hunter Avatars to use within the Game and Metaverse, and every single owner of one of the Pages from Jerome’s Journal will receive a free one. This might not be for a while, but know I fully plan to give back to my early supporters in every way possible.

The Game and The Metaverse very well could be together, however I chose to separate them because if I can release the Game before I release the Metaverse, and adapt later, that would be great.

I have always loved the Pokemon Game franchise, but over the years, it’s definitely gotten hand holdy, it takes far too much grind time to play competitively, and the stories lack. I plan to create my own Battle System with Cryptids with an added focus on Predicting and Positioning, but still have that ‘each Creature has its own abilities, moves, and strategic role’ that Pokemon is loved for.

With The Cryptid Coalition Metaverse I want to create an Open World with Quest Lines, similar to how Runescape does Quests, with a focus on expanding lore within the Cryptid Coalition, and allowing everyone with a Cryptid Hunter Avatar to be able to live their life in the Metaverse as a Cryptid Hunter, taking on Quest Lines that can end with getting them new items and/or Cryptids as rewards.

I plan to create Quest Packs once the Metaverse launches.

Portions of funds raises through The Cryptid Coalition will be turned into projects to help with Wild Life Preservation. This is one of the foundations for each Pillar, each with something else it’s helping to fund, and is one of the main ways I hope I can use my ability to story tell to help directly effect the world.

Deeper Metaverse Plans

Alongside creating that gamified open world Metaverse and Battle System, I plan to release Attractions within the world itself, treating it like a Theme Park. These can be anything from in-Metaverse live events, games to win prizes akin to a Carnival winning a stuffed animal, an area to show a collection from a partnership with an Artist, or even virtual rides

One of the biggest things I’m excited to use the Metaverse for is to be able to have large scale Movie Nights. As a lover of cinema, I love sharing the experience of watching films with others, and I want to create an in-Metaverse experience for this.

Something I am most excited about doing is creating a bunch of Mini-Games from within the world for players to play with each other. These Mini-Games can be built upon if necessary to create full fledged games out of them. As a child, I loved Mario Party, and like Pokemon, the series has been lacking what made it so great in the first place (bar the newest one, Mario Party Superstars, which I love). I have experience creating games, and think I’m actually rather adept at it, I’m just not a developer. I’ll write an article over my experiences as a Game Creator sometime. I love the idea of being a Game Master.

Each Pillar of the Metaverse I want to create my own Mario Party esque board games in, as it gives structure to creating a collection of Mini Games, and I love the social aspect of playing board games. It mixes the perfect level of casual and competitive, something I think is very important. I love hitting that mark of casually competitive. And like I said, it also will allow me to build upon Mini Games that are more fun into something bigger. It will let me fill the Metaverse up with attractions and challenges through the mini games, and can have a plethora of events to create through the usage of them.

Other Goals

I want to make Plushies, or Stuffed Animals, out of all of the Cryptids. I think Physical Merch for Cryptids is a no brainer. With Jerome’s Journal, say I make a Bunyip Plushie, all Bunyip Page holders would be gifted their very own Bunyip Plushie.

I’m currently working on a Novel for one of my other Pillars, Toy Saga, but down the line, I will be writing Novels in this world as well. One of my goals is to be able to tell the same story, but give a different experience in different mediums. It’s imperative to me that I do not change much from Novel to the Screen, and this is being accounted for during my writing process because I create the story.


Really sky is the limit with all my Pillars. A collection of Metaverses to make up one large Metaverse from films I want to direct. I know the vision is huge, and I expect this to be an incredibly long process, but I’ve spent the past 7 years writing the stories of the FlavorVerse with creating an online world for them to exist in mind before I knew about NFT’s, so you can only imagine how over the moon I was when I discovered the capabilities of the Blockchain.

I plan to build the FlavorVerse the rest of my life; this is just the beginning.


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