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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

2 min readJan 27, 2022

The Mahamba, at its core, is a large crocodile.

Sightings have mentioned that a crocodile 40 feet long was seen in the River of Spirits. I thought this to be hyperbole before seeing it for myself.

Before I saw the Mahamba, the largest crocodiles I had seen in the River of Spirits were likely around 20 feet long, and that’s an abnormally large croc in itself.

A Cryptid Hunter searching the River of Spirits for children that the Kappa might have stolen from the village, and needed some sort of protection. They found the Mahamba at the mouth of the Eastern Swampland, dying of malnutrition.

At first, it didn’t seem out of the ordinary, was said to be smaller than some of the crocodiles they had seen before, but the brown skin and dark green diamonds stood out, so the Cryptid Hunter decided to restore the Mahamba by sharing food with it for the next few weeks, and it began to grow.

The Mahamba became friendly with the Cryptid Hunter, and allowed them to tie a harness around them, and connect it to a large raft, pulling them upstream, protecting them from any animals that might attack them.

The Mahamba and the Cryptid Hunter were able to find 7 kids in a cavern on the west side of the River of Spirits, and brought them back to their families.

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