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Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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An Igami and the Crystallized Stones

Long ago in the land now known as the Costa Region, a group of creatures hatched from eggs called the Igami lived harmoniously with each other and the nature surrounding. The Igami were filled with a magical energy that allowed them to develop a bond with the creatures that lived around them.

It is unknown what happened to the Igami, but ancient stone drawings depicted them as small infant-like creatures with large tear drop heads and a floating glowing crystal lifted above them in the air.

Through the different biomes they lived in and the types of creatures they would bond with, Igami would morph and begin taking on the traits of those that surrounded them.

It was this symbiotic relationship with nature that began the creation of 6 areas around the Costa Region that become the homes to different Igami around the world.

The Igami used the magical energy bonds between them and the creatures of the world to create special barriers that would fuel their home lands, making these areas large bubbles of magical energy.

Each of the 6 home lands began to use that energy given to them by the Igami to form a large crystalized stone in the center of each. Large stones and other natural objects were placed around each of the crystalized stones, like how a bird would bring twigs to create a nest.

The same drawing found near each of the centers of the 6 areas — the large crystallized stone opening up, and the head of some reptilian winged giants poking half of their bodies out while the Igami raise their arms above their heads with their crystals glowing with a magical trail connecting them with the giant coming from the stone.

These areas have been preserved and hidden over the years, and are known as the Legendary Lost Cities.

Notable Facts:

  • Jerome’s Journal as published by The Cryptid Coalition was heavily censored — this was one of the first pages sent to Cryptid Hunters by Jerome that was taken by The Cryptid Coalition, and hidden away.

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