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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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The Enfield is a Terror. A specialized class of Cryptids that are labeled as such because of the observational theory of their existence being strictly to cause terror in others.

The Enfield can come in many shapes, possibly having the ability to shape shift, but their base form is a grayish purple block with multiple squiggly limps and lumps coming off of them.

Able to jump, and float through their air with speed and grace, it’s near impossible to catch an Enfield.

I fear they can sense fear. A scary power by definition, the Enfield have been down to incept dreams, possibly using that power to energize themselves. They feed off of terror.

There have been rumors and stories about the Enfield terrors all around the world, likely meaning they have a strong ability to adapt to any sort of environment. Most stories involve the victim being mentally terrified, some never recovering. There’s little to no evidence of any Enfield’s being physically damaging, but because of their Cryptid Abilities, they can cause the illusion of physical pain through their minds.

A strong mind can directly counter an Enfield, and I have seen exactly one Cryptid Hunter with an Enfield Cryptid Partner. A scary duo for sure.

Notable Facts

  • An Enfield has never been said to be able to cause physical harm, but the mental harm can cause the victim to be effected physically.

*For more information on the NFT project, go to Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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