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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

2 min readFeb 4, 2022

Like the Mammoth, the Saber Tooth Tiger was also thought to be extinct, but the Pixies had a Saber Tooth Cub. It looked similar to that of a regular leopard cub, but I could tell by the way the teeth were growing in that something was different.

Also known as the Smilodon, I think the Pixies are hiding something from the world. It could be my own paranoia thinking there were Mammoth hair down there, leading my mind to assume the Saber Tooth still lived, and maybe it’s my own bias for hating Paul from Paul’s Pixie Packaging shrouding my mind to not trust the Pixies, but I generally like to trust my own intuition.

The Saber Tooth are large leopard-like animals with 2 extremely powerful fangs hanging from the roof of their mouth. It’s said they went extinct from being too good of a predator and eating up all the food supply, so if Saber Tooth truly existed down in the Underground City of the Pixies, there would have to be a large food supply for them, unless the Pixies were domesticating them.

I’ve struggled to bring the attention of the Pixies to avoid being ostracized by the fans of Paul thinking I’m trying to take down his entire operation, but the Lost City of Agartha is something I fear will bring an end to this peaceful time we’ve had since the Battle of the Creators.

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