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Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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Deep in the heart of the Gargon Desert is a city hidden underneath the dunes themselves. Beautiful architecture lies in the Lost City of Zerzura, a dome of a city surrounding a secret oasis.

The hot desert is enough protection for the city of Zerzura to stay hidden, and the wild Chemosit and Karkadaan that surround the area make any unpreparedd traveller unable to stay calm long enough to find the hidden entrance.

The Dune Egg of Zerzura sat on a small island within the oasis, next to a large palm tree. The depictions on the ruins in the city seem to imply that a tan reptilian creature bathed in the large oasis, and had a breath of powerful wind to help spread the sand in the desert to expand and reach further east.

This could be just an explanation of why the dunes mainly face the eastern direction, and why the desert seems to take up a large chunk of the Costa Region despite being so close to the River of Spirits.

Notable Facts:

  • The entire desert used to be called the Zerzuran Desert, and some to this day refer to the Gargon Desert as such.

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