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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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In the grand deserts to the East, there are rumors of an oasis — a paradise city by the name of Zerzura, giving the desert surrounding the name of the Zerzurian Desert. Near the legendary city, herds of Karkadaan are said to exist, protected by the people of the hidden city. It is said that the horn of the Karkadaan give the Oasis the ability to appear as a mirage. Some say it allows for the control of the sand, allowing the city to be completely buried, hiding it from any outsiders.

Karkadaans are similar to that of Unicorns — A large four legged creature with a giant horn, no wings. However, Karkadaans are much denser than Unicorns, not as tall, but wider. Their horns are much thicker, and their hide is nearly impenetrable. It protects them from the rough sandy wind in the desert.

They are dark grey, with brown, sand like stripes along their back, and resemble that of a large rhinoceros mixed with a zebra. It is rumored that both of those animals derive from the legendary Karkadaan, but I have heard nothing else that backs up that sentiment.

The Karkadaan is the symbol of Zerzura, hidden away from everyone to protect what is said to be their abundance of natural resources, and a special pool of water that brings happiness and health to anyone who drinks from it. Multiple ancient drawings of the Karkadaan have been found in various parts of the Zerzurian Desert.

Notable Facts

  • The Lost Desert City of Zerzura is one of the legendary Ancient Cities in History.

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