Flavor Emblems — The Genesis Set

The Main NFT Collection of the FlavorVerse

4 min readJan 2, 2022
Yeti, Peryton, and Hippalectryon Flavor Emblems

The first set of Flavor Emblems, the main collectibles within the FlavorVerse, will have 40 unique 1/1 3d Cryptid Collectible Cards, slightly animated. They will be listed here on Rarible by January 4th, 2022. These will be the Genesis set of Flavor Emblems.

Every single Cryptid has its own set of lore attached to it, written by the character Jerome from one of the worlds of the FlavorVerse, and you can find the lore at the Jerome’s Journal Directory. (Currently, not all 40 pieces of lore are published, but there will be a new one daily)


They are being created on the Tezos network. I have picked Tezos because of the ease of access to mint NFT’s, and also send NFT’s to holders for a low cost. I plan to have many lore related drops, and wish to gift NFT’s to my holders.

Tezos is also much more eco-friendly than all of the other Blockchains.

Creating a Movie

We are in the process of creating a movie within the FlavorVerse, 2184, the 2nd pillar, and there will be many NFT drops and gifts along the way. Over the years, I wish to create multiple film projects within the FlavorVerse. Flavor Emblem holders will always receive Movie Poster collectibles for a film project.

Games and Metaverse

I am currently working on a battle system for The Cryptids, and will create a physical board game out of it before working up to hiring a developer to create a Play-To-Earn Digital Version.

I will also create a system put in place to be able to play this IN DISCORD.

I plan to use this as an example of what I have to offer in the form of gaming, something that will be central to the overall FlavorVerse brand. This is part of a much larger scale Metaverse Vision.

Business Brand

I will use the FlavorVerse brand in many different business endeavors, and reward holders with physical and digital products. I plan to create my own Candles within the Cryptids brand, and bring another sensory element to my storytelling.

Flavor Emblems

Here are some Flavor Emblems:

Tarasque, Athol, and Phoenix Flavor Emblems

There will be 1 Genesis Card for each of the 40 Cryptids.


OG Flavors, members of the Discord who were in before mint, will be able to reserve a Flavor Emblem for 10 Tezos.

Any non reserved Flavor Emblems will be listed on Rarible. Half of them will be sold for 13 Tezos, and half will be sold for 16 Tezos. This is to allow people who are early to be naturally rewarded.

I will be releasing more Flavor Emblems over time, and each Genesis Flavor Emblem will receive a special edition 1/1 Flavor Emblem in the future.

Thank you for being early, it means so much to me. I have put so much time the last 7 years writing my stories, and I’ve been spending every waking moment getting ready to release what I want to build the rest of my life.

If you haven’t already, please join the FlavorVerse Discord. Can’t wait to build this universe from the ground up.


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