Daily Flavor #10: A Cryptid Adventure, Lore Airdrop, and 2184 Introduction

Hello, Flavor Fam! Thought I’d give an update to what’s going on in the Flavorverse.

A Cryptid Adventure

I mentioned a few weeks back The Cryptid Coalition PYP, and while originally, I was going to make it a choose your own adventure style, it has evolved into a full grown novel series due to the story I was telling needing to be from the POV of a single main character.

Ashe Bethermen, the character from Lake Melancholy is the main character of my Young Adult series, A Cryptid Adventure.

And I am already about halfway done with the first draft of this novel.

The first book in the series will officially be called:

A Cryptid Adventure: A Summoning In Shangri-La.

Yes, this novel will take Ashe and a rag tag group of characters to Shangri-La where Pixie Paul, owner of Pixie Paul’s Packaging referenced in Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures, summons all Cryptid Hunters to a gathering in Shangri-La for an unknown reason.

What is this mysterious announcement that Pixie Paul is set to make in the Legendary Lost City of Shangri-La?!

Everything else that was coming along with the PYP Baby Cryptid project is still happening, and if anything, it’s going to be bigger and better now.

Letters From An Anonymous SpaceTime: First Letter AirDrop

A couple months back, I released an introductory piece of lore to the FlavorVerse called ‘Letters From An Anonymous SpaceTime’.

It’s a log series of letters from The Anonymous One as he tells the History of the FlavorVerse, and why he was chosen to be the one to tell it.

I have made a 3d model of the letter, along with a performed reading in character as The Anonymous One, and airdropped it to all Flavor Emblem Holders.

Lore Content

I am looking to create more pieces of lore to give out as AirDrops so that Flavor Emblem Holders can own pieces of the FlavorVerse. I think years down the road, the weight of these will be felt heavily.

My goal will be to create content all around, building up my author name, building up all my social media sites, and begin posting on Youtube, TikTok, and really going for the community building side of content creation.

This will help towards my goal of being able to create film for the stories I write, and eventually have games and products that build this brand.

I want to make characters that people fall in love with, that inspire people to be like them. I want to make toys of these characters so people can put it on their desks, and feel happy when they look at them. And this is the beginning.

Upcoming Lore Drop From the Second Pillar of the FlavorVerse: 2184

It’s finally time to drop a piece of lore from the next pillar!!!

The Winston Chronicles will be dropping shortly, and this is a single piece of lore that will introduce everyone into the world of 2184.

I have been working on 2184 since 2016, and it has an incredibly special place in my heart.

It has always been the plan that my first feature film will be the first 2184 movie.

Thank you so much for being a part of the FlavorVerse. Whether I have 14 holders or 14 thousand holders, I will do all I can to bring value by continuing to create. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and I am in this for the long haul, and will continue to build that trust.





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