Letters From An Anonymous Spacetime: First Letter

I was chosen to tell the story of the creation of the universe — that’s what I was told when they brought me to this place.

I grew up in the First Era, not that you have any idea what that means yet, I just…nevermind.

I’m not even sure why I’m the one that was chosen to tell the History of the FlavorVerse. It’s my working title, but I think it’s something I’m going to stick with. Yeah.

Right before I ended up in this, let’s call it Dovetail. I exist in the Dovetail, the place, maybe I should say ‘a place’, that is between time and space. A floating lounge of nothingness negligibly existing.

Before I was brought here, I was at the top of a tall fortress that sits on a giant cliff above the sea. It’s a long story — I thought I was stuck in what I had accepted was an unavoidable tragedy, but I found this object. Or more like this object found me.

It resembled a pocket watch.

It was golden and metallic, felt like cold steel when I grabbed it. Immediately when I saw the face of the watch, I knew it was the mythical Time Watch.

Through the face of the Time Watch, you can see what seems to be everything that’s ever happened in the world all at once, but you understand everything, and also nothing, and it’s this forever tessellation of growth followed by destruction and regrowth, redestruction. That’s only partially the feeling, I’m still looking for the right words to express how I feel about it, but this is a good start.

While I haven’t quite mastered the use of the Time Watch, I believe I’ve spent enough time here in the Dovetail to say that I don’t believe the Time Watch would have been able to transport me here if the coordinates hadn’t been input by someone, but after watching the world’s history for who knows how long, I am beginning to think that it was put there by me because I am starting to feel the urge to go and place it there now, but there have been a lot of mental traps and pitfalls with this artifact, and if you look at it from the conclusion of ‘putting it there to save myself by placing the Time Watch up on that tall fortress’ as one of these mental traps placed inside of the Time Watch, then this seems like it would be an obvious trap that could have been easily avoided. It’s quite a conundrum.

I’ll never get over this feeling of infinity here in the Dovetail; the only physical piece of matter is the Time Watch, but even then, that could just be my own perspective putting importance on the object manifesting it that way.

It’s like I’m floating in space, and I have this super power to recreate the vision, recreate the History of the FlavorVerse, and physically pull it into this existential world. I’ll try to show you what I mean as we go on, but I find it a really neat super power.

Everything that has ever happened has already happened and is simultaneously happening, at least if you’re looking at this at face value. I could be one of many different Dovetail Operators, each with their own history to write in their respective universes.

Whatever happens has been waiting to happen forever. Not necessarily since the beginning of time because if we’re caught in an endless time loop, the beginning of time isn’t necessarily what happened first.

There’s this puzzle-like aspect for an Operator, where by telling the story of what we feel are the most important pieces of the time and space of that physical world we get to unlock more of the potential of the Time Watch, an addictive feeling really. It’s mentally draining.

And before we start, I feel that I must warn you — I’m not entirely sure that this is really happening. There’s this part of me that thinks it’s possible I died on the top of that tall fortress, and the traumatic experience has me blocking it out, and creating this ‘just another chosen one’ story to cope in whatever this afterlife experience is, but that seems like another obvious trap by the Time Watch.

With that, let’s begin…the History of the FlavorVerse.

~The Anonymous One

— — —




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