ZARA’s Bioengineered Mechanical Egg

Lore from the world of 2184, the Second Pillar of the FlavorVerse

2 min readApr 17, 2023
ZARA’s First Successful Experiment

Centuries before the events of 2184, underneath the Precinct was a hidden laboratory deep in what was known as the Underground Pass.

The Underground Pass was a labrynth like dungeon, with hidden doors, keys, and scientific experiments littered just underneath the City-State.

The hidden laboratory was funded by the STARS Conglomerate, using newfound technologically to create specialized weapons that could be seen as a natural cause.

STARS created a secret program they called ZARA, or Zoological Augmented Robotic Animal, and they would experiment on animals, genetically modifying them to create dangerous and violent weaponized soldiers out of animals that could be controlled with just a few buttons.

All of this was a rumor, a legend told in passing. Nobody ever expected the Underground Pass to truly exist, but in the year 2184, the confirmations of a map found by one Winston O’brien turned out to be true.

The first successful experiment was bioengineered in the ZARA Laboratory, and created an egg-like structure from the DNA of a wolf and augmented robotics technology to incubate and hatch the first successful ZARA Experiment.


  • This Egg was given out to all Flavor Emblem holders on 4/17/23, the Second Annual Mystery Egg Celebration.


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