Mystery Egg Celebration!

The First Tradition of the FlavorVerse

2 min readApr 17, 2022



One of my main goals in the FlavorVerse is to create traditions that can be held as events over the years, and build up over time.

The Mystery Egg Celebration will be the first instance of this.

The Legendary Lost Cities — Mystery Egg I

I have created 6 different Eggs in VR, and they all have lore attached to them connected to The Cryptid Coalition, the first pillar of the FlavorVerse.

Each of these Eggs are attached to one of the Legendary Lost Cities. You can find more detailed information on the lore here.

These Eggs will bring additional utility in the future, and there is already 1 additional airdrop attached to each of these Eggs coming in the next few months.

The 6 Eggs are:

  • The Mystic Egg of Shangri-La
  • The Stone Egg of Babylon
  • The Dune Egg of Zerzura
  • The Aqua Egg of Atlantis
  • The Organic Egg of Agartha
  • The Golden Egg of El Dorado

There are 5 Copies of each of these Legendary FlavorVerse Items, and as of 4/17/2022, they have all been airdropped to everyone per Cryptid Flavor Emblem held.

I have many ideas on how to expand the Mystery Egg Celebration throughout the FlavorVerse, and as we grow, I hope to make this event incredibly special, making these Eggs the rarest ones to ever be created, rewarding all of my early holders.

I will update this article keeping track of all the happenings surrounding this drop.





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