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An NFT Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures

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Like the Jackalope, the Skvader can likely transform into a large, bipedal version of itself. Seen in Enchanted Forests, the Hakobune probably had a hand in creating Skvaders.

I’ve heard of Skvaders being able to sniff out certain portals to other dimensions, ones that they can be safe from predators, and not worry about being found out by walking on two legs.

I’ve seen a few Skvader Cryptid Partners in my day, often walking side by side with their Cryptid Hunters. Some even like to grab onto the back of their Hunter.

Skvaders stand around 3 and a half feet tall, with pink fur. They have wings that resemble a mixture of a bat and a bird. They talons are large for their size, and orange. Skirmishes between Skvaders often look like a junior division boxing match, but with flying and hopping.

Like the Wolpertinger, they rarely stay in flight longer than a few seconds, and use their wings to help them glide after their strong hopping power.

It’s possible that what people think is a Jackalope transforming is actually just a Skvader, but I’ve seen the Skvader transform, and it looks more like a duck before it transforms than a rabbit, unlike the Jackalope.

Notable Facts

  • Skvaders before transforming are hares that are in the shape of a duck.

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