Jerome’s Journal: Set 2 + Update on the FlavorVerse

Set 2 1/1 —

It’s been over a week since I officially dropped the First Set of Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures, and I’ve got the next 5 Cryptids lined up and ready to go.

I will be releasing NFT’s for all of Set 2, and after this Set, I will continue creating new Sets, hoping to release a new Set about every 2 weeks, or every week if I’m feeling particularly spicy.

I really wanted to start showing my written art that I’ve been working on for over 6 years, and building an NFT portfolio, and I feel that I have finally done what works for me.

I have a few articles I’m working on:

1. Create a directory for all Pages of Jerome’s Journal.

  • This will make it easier to keep track of all the pages, and be a landing page of sorts for the project.

2. Create a directory for the FlavorVerse.

  • The plan for this is to keep track of all the world building elements I will create in the FlavorVerse, and detailing them all, another landing page. I will have a list of every NFT within the FlavorVerse, and be updating utility when necessary.

3. The Cryptid Coalition Pillar Article

  • I will go more in depth on the world of The Cryptid Coalition within the FlavorVerse. It is one of the 6 Pillars that the FlavorVerse as a whole, and I want to start building it up. Similar to Toy Saga

Set 2

Wolpertinger —
Chupacabra —
Phoenix —
Basilisk —
Unicorn —


Check out the NFT’s for sale in the FlavorVerse here.

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