FlavorVerse Character Bio: Pixie Paul

A FlavorVerse Origin Character Bio From The Cryptid Coalition

Pixie Paul inherited his father’s Packaging company, Packaging by Paul, when he was a young man. Wanting to change the industry, and bring his father’s small local business to heights it had never seen, he rebranded the business, calling it ‘Pixie Paul’s Packaging’, giving the business a brand new mascot.

Not growing up part of the Cryptid World, Paul believed he had seen a Pixie trapped in one of the boxes when working in his father’s shop, he drew a picture of it, and used it as the logo.

Maurice Lamar was an employee at the Pixie Paul’s Packaging headquarters for years before being called to adventure, and when Maurice brought Jerome to visit the business, Jerome, having studied Pixies working at The Cryptid Coalition, Jerome sarcastically berates Paul for drawing something vastly different than a Pixie.

This sets off Paul on his own journey, where he wants to discover what it was he found, and eventually came across Pixies in the Lost City of Agartha, helping propel his business to one of the largest corporations in the entire Costa Region.

Years later, after the Battle of the Creators, Pixie Paul, now one of the wealthiest in all of the land, calls a Summoning in the Lost City of Shangri-La to all Cryptid Hunters willing to hear him out.

He vowed he saw the Qilin, and would bring yet another great change in the world, like Maurice Lamar decades earlier.




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Using NFT's to build a canonically weaved world known as the FlavorVerse from the stories I create as a writer, director, and gamer.