FlavorVerse Character Bio: Lancelot

A FlavorVerse Origin Character Bio From The Cryptid Coalition

2 min readNov 4, 2022

The Cryptid Coalition, First Pillar

Lancelot is the current Cryptid Skirmishing Champion, the title that goes to the winner of the Cryptid Coalition Cup that happens once every 4 years. This gives him a lot of perks due to his fame and marketability within the Cryptid World.

He gathers Ashe, Dil, and Charli, all coming from some tragic backstory, and recommends them to the Cryptid Coalition to receive their Cryptid Hunter’s licenses.

He saves Ashe from an attacking Bunyip, one of the rarest Cryptid species in the world, and brings a Bunyip tadpole to her to bond with, which she does successfully.

He takes the group to the Lost City of Shangri-La for Pixie Paul’s Summoning, and invites them to join the newly formed Team Dust, a group of Cryptid Hunters dedicated to taking down the evil corporation of The Cryptid Coalition regulating the laws of who can and cannot be Cryptid Hunters, and exploiting Cryptids for the marketability of Cryptid Skirmishing.

Lancelot is mysterious, and likes to manipulate conversations and always has information to hide. Ashe and the group never can tell what Lancelot’s true intentions are.





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