FlavorVerse Character Bio: Grover Holland

A FlavorVerse Origin Character Bio From The Cryptid Coalition

2 min readOct 27, 2022


The Cryptid Coalition, First Pillar

Grover Holland is a long time Cryptid Hunter, predating the time before the Cryptid Coalition was in charge. He despises the idea of the Cryptid Coalition regulating the rules for Cryptid Hunters, forcing you to have a license to be in contact with any sort of Cryptid purposefully.

For over 30 years, he’s had a Sasquatch Cryptid Partner named Boonie that lives with him in a house he built himself, tending to his garden and bonsai trees.

Preferring to stay off the grid, Grover lives far away from any of the majorly populated areas in the Cryptid Coalition.

He often explores rural outdoor areas searching for new trees to collect, and new cryptids to study.

He is a pacifist at heart, and always wishes to avoid fights if necessary.

He writes a famous Cryptid Hunter newsletter titled ‘Poor Grover’s Almanac’, and sends it out to those he trusts.

After Lillian Lamar goes missing, he calls for younger Cryptid Hunters he can trust to follow her mission. Only Maurice Lamar and Jerome Griffin answer the call, and he sends them on a mission to investigate the findings of Maurice’s sister.





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