FlavorVerse #002

The Goal, Roadmap, and The Rebellion of 2184 Avatar NFT Project

FlavorVerse banner created by @artsypazhere.


Since I was a child creating stories with my toys, I’ve wanted to be a Writer/Director. I wish to use NFT’s to build the stories I’ve been writing for the majority of my adult life, with a heavy focus on directing movies within these worlds, and build a community around the projects.

If you’d like to read more in detail about who I am, my inspirations, and the different story worlds I’ll be using as my pillars, check out this article on medium. https://medium.com/@danathonjames/the-flavorverse-ad889f47baba

The Goal:

To create and direct feature films and series based on the intellectual properties of the FlavorVerse, create a community with social events and games, and open a virtual metaverse with large open world areas full of expanded lore, activities, and social hubs.

This is the community I plan to build for the rest of my life.

FlavorVerse RoadMap:

1: Begin the First Story World Project — The Rebellion of 2184.

-We will launch the first NFT project within the FlavorVerse from the world of 2184. Every Story World Project in the FlavorVerse will have a focus on Charity and Donations related to the story created. More on this below.

2: Artist Funding

-We will create a fund specifically for upcoming filmmakers and other artists to help create their passion.

3: 2183 Campaign Event

-A large scale community event with story lore, games, contests, and giveaways. This event will last months, with new community events on a weekly basis, leading into the release of 2184. You will get to be a part of the story as you join the Resistance to take down STARSmedia, the company in charge of the totalitarian government of 2184.

4: 2184 Movie

-The first feature length movie, 2184, will be filmed. Written and Directed by yours truly, FDJ. I’ve been working on this project for the past 5 years, and incredibly excited to share the world I’ve built with everyone.

5: The Virtual FlavorVerse

-A metaverse for the world will begin creation. More on this below.

6: Create Flavor Emblems.

-Digital Trading Cards based on the characters and moments of the FlavorVerse. A portion of royalties for this project will be given to the Actors representing the characters.

7: Begin the 2nd Story World Project

-I have 6 Core Story Worlds connected in 1 Pixar Theory-esque Multiverse fashion. What a way to spend the last 6–7 years of my life, right? The 2nd Story World will begin once we get here, setting up a new world, a new event, new movie, new areas in the Metaverse.

Virtual FlavorVerse:

When the time comes, we will staff up to create our Metaverse, known as the FlavorVerse, which will include:

  • Different story worlds with extensive quest system using expanded lore from the stories that give rewards for in game usages, such as the ability to craft a new item after completion of said quest, or special cosmetic items.
  • Create games and attractions to be playable with others within the virtual world, featuring both casual and competitive play.
  • Create an in-game ecosystem, to trade items from within the world, with Play-to-Earn accessibility.

The Rebellion of 2184 — The First Story World NFT Project

The Rebellion of 2184 project will consist of 10,000 unique Avatar NFT’s that represent a member of the Rebellion of 2184, randomly generated on the Solana Blockchain.

In addition to the perks below, 2184 will have a portion of funds from this project continuously be used to donate to programs to Protect Our Earth from Climate Change.

Perks of holding a 2184 Rebellion Avatar:

  • Access to the FlavorVerse metaverse.
  • 2183 Campaign Event
  • Avatar Companion Airdrop of alien race, The Geleiid.
  • Airdrop of Movie Poster for the first 2184 movie. These will earn a percentage of royalties of the movie and for secondary sales of the Poster.
  • Digital viewing of the premiere for the 2184 Movie.
  • Raffles for Rare Flavor Emblems and future Story World Avatars.
  • Free Mint + Limited Pre-Mint Whitelist Access to all future 2184 related Quest Packs for the metaverse.
  • + Many extra surprises. Join The Rebellion!


The FlavorVerse Logo and OG Flavor Badge

I will be releasing an OG Flavor Badge for early supporters, which will give benefits throughout the FlavorVerse, with the first utility of many being a Free Mint + Limited Pre-Mint Whitelist Access to the upcoming Rebellion of 2184 Avatar drop.

If you would like to stay updated on the progress, follow on https://twitter.com/FlavorVerseNFT and join the Discord! https://discord.gg/8urvJEK3wE

You can also follow my personal account on twitter, https://twitter.com/DanathonJames



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Using NFT's to build a canonically weaved world known as the FlavorVerse from the stories I create as a writer, director, and gamer.