Daily Flavor #9 — The Cryptid Coalition: Pick Your Path Announcement

Baby Bunyip, Baby Yeti, and Baby Manticore

After spending a lot of time creating the fine details over how I will build up the FlavorVerse over the next few years, I’ve come up with a system that will allow us to build towards the future and lay a strong foundation.

I have decided to build onto the world of The Cryptid Coalition, specifically following three characters just beginning their Cryptid Journey.

One of these three characters is Ashe from my Lake Melancholy short story.

The premise is simple — Three teens embark on a journey to see the land of the Costa Region alongside their Cryptid Partners.

Map of the Costa Region

This story will take you all over the Costa Region, from the top of the Great Ice Mountain to the Lost City of Atlantis.

Each Character Path will be followed depending on your Baby Cryptid, the three being Baby Bunyip, Baby Yeti, and the Baby Manticore.

As the characters progress on their journey, they will gather new Cryptids, discover hidden cities, and find precious items while learning about the culture of the world around them.

A Cryptid Crystal Item

Flavor Emblem NFT Tie-In

And by holding a Flavor Emblem NFT, you will receive and NFT of one of the Baby Cryptids, and those Babies will lead to multiple NFT airdrops throughout their story as if you were the one in their place.

Different sections will have multiple possible outcomes depending on which NFT Airdrop you receive, and that will guide your story in the Costa Region — You can follow the story based on your NFT Gift!

I plan to make sure that every NFT received from the tales of The Cryptid Coalition will have some type of utility/function, even if that utility comes later down the line.

And don’t worry, you can follow along the story even if you don’t have the NFT, and Pick Your Own Path.

This will be a long story, and will be turned into a book series over the years with short films created for some of the more pivotal scenes.

I’ll have a more in depth article about this project in the near future, so keep tuned.

Thanks for being a part of the FlavorVerse, and always remember:

Keep It Crispy!





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