Daily Flavor #8: Flavor Emblems Release + Roadmap I

The Official Newsletter For The FlavorVerse


Yo, been a couple weeks since the last update, been doing a lot of behind the scenes work, but been working hard to get everything ready to go.

Flavor Emblem: Cryptid Collection Release!

I have minted all of the Flavor Emblems on objkt.com. I have listed the first 6 Cryptids up for sale, and the rest will be listed by March 10th. Check the Flavor Emblems: Cryptid Collection Release article out for the pricing and rarity.

Letters From An Anonymous Spacetime

I am writing a new short series of lore that will act as the glue that holds the FlavorVerse together.

An anonymous source living between time and space was chosen to be the one to tell the History of the FlavorVerse.

These pieces of lore will explain the reasonings they chose the Six Pillars of the FlavorVerse to use begin telling the History of the FlavorVerse.

Roadmap I

I released this first roadmap for the Flavor Emblems a couple weeks ago, and Phase 1 will be completed once all of the Flavor Emblems are listed.

The rest of the roadmap is the perfect introduction for the plans I have for the FlavorVerse. The FlavorVerse is forever, and the goal is to create stories, film, and games within the worlds.

Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures is an important newsletter that had a significant effect on the world of The Cryptid Coalition, and the source book will be released as an NFT with the book itself as unlockable content. There will be additional lore that isn’t posted anywhere else attached to this, and will have a strong visual component to it, along with different rarities. Find all the piece of lore for the Cryptids from this Journal at the Jerome’s Journal Directory.

Lake Melancholy Short Film will be directed, giving us the first short film in the FlavorVerse. Lake Melancholy is a Hybrid piece of lore that exists within the world of The Cryptid Coalition and Toy Saga. You can read the Lake Melancholy Short Story here. Like Jerome’s Journal, there will be an NFT component to this, allowing the community to own pieces of the FlavorVerse.

The Cryptid Coalition Cup is a large scale event for The Cryptid Coalition. I am in the process of creating a battle system for the Cryptids. This will be created as a board game first with the goal of being able to hire developers when the time comes to build a blockchain Play-To-Earn game.

This event will have integrated lore within it, and allow for the community to have a chance at directly being a part of the lore canonically.

I would love to have a Discord Bot created so it can be played in Discord like a Chess or Pokemon bot.

A Book, a Film, a Game, and an Event. These are the building blocks that the FlavorVerse will create for the rest of my life.

FlavorVerse PFP

With the help of ArtsyPaz, there will be FlavorVerse PFP’s created, and gifted to Flavor Emblem holders. The traits of these PFP’s will be from different pieces of lore throughout the FlavorVerse, such as Cryptid Crystals from The Cryptid Coalition, or Colored Arm Bands from 2184.

This was always in the plan, but I’ve decided to bring it forward, and add it on the side of Roadmap I.


Now that I’ve gotten a lot of the technical aspects out of the way, it’s time for me to start doing more promotion, so I’ll be announcing some Twitter Spaces and making some content for Youtube shortly.



Building a canonically weaved world known as the FlavorVerse from the stories I create as a writer, director, and gamer.

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Building a canonically weaved world known as the FlavorVerse from the stories I create as a writer, director, and gamer.