Daily Flavor #6: Six Pillar Concept Collection and Set 8

The Official Newsletter of the FlavorVerse

4 min readJan 31, 2022


The Sixth Edition of the Daily Flavor, here we go, the official newsletter of the FlavorVerse.

Set 7 of Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures is all released, we got Set 8 coming this week.

This is the FINAL SET. It feels great to be able to say the first source book of the FlavorVerse is on its way to being finished.

Jerome’s Journal NFT Release on Tezos

Costa Region

The next big step for this is to create the collection of the lore, and make an E-book out of this as an NFT. There will be multiple rarity tiers, and additional pieces of lore that will not be released anywhere else.

From this e-book, I plan to start creating short films from the world of The Cryptid Coalition, creating more stories within the world, and exploring all avenues and mediums to further allow the world to unfold one step at a time, all recorded on the blockchain with NFT’s.

This it the first of many books that will be created in the FlavorVerse, and I plan to make this piece an incredibly historic artifact in the FlavorVerse lore.

I will be doing a short write up on why I chose Tezos as the Blockchain to create my NFT project in more depth soon.

Six Pillars of the FlavorVerse: First Concept Collection

I am creating an Art Collection of 12 pieces that are based on shots I have in mind for film versions of the FlavorVerse. These will be mixed medium, some will be using my Copic Markers, some will be photographs, some digital art.

First and foremost, I am a Film Director. All the stories I see in my mind are seen as the film version, and I then translate that vision to words. Writing was a skill I put a lot of time into learning to specifically capture support my directorial mind.

Each piece will be a shot from one of the movies I have envisioned. One of my goals as a director is to make every single frame look as if it could be a painting that can truly tell the story I am trying to share.

I am not as experienced in photoshop or drawing as I would like to be, but I think that to get the first initial concept created visually of what’s in my mind makes so much sense as an NFT.

There will be 2 pieces for each of the Six Pillars:

  • The Cryptid Coalition
  • 2184
  • Toy Saga
  • The Silly Shenanigans of Professor Preposterous
  • Whimsical Creatures
  • The Harbinger

Like the Pixar Theory, all 6 of these worlds are canonically weaved together creating what I hope to be a large cinematic universe with lore in all mediums, including film, games, and short stories.

I have been spending the last 7 years cultivating these worlds, and until NFT’s, it was difficult for me to share them with others, but by creating this project, I now have something that I can build for the rest of my life by continuing to keep releasing lore.

The FlavorVerse is my ultimate way of expressing myself through art, and I can’t wait to share as much as I can.

Content Creation

I plan to create a bunch of content, and really get the FlavorVerse running up on socials.

Tiktoks, Reels, Youtube, Twitter Spaces, I will do all I can to build a community surrounding the FlavorVerse, and the love of cinema, lore, and gaming.

In Progress:

  • Cryptid Battling System
  • Cryptid Coalition Cup — FlavorVerse Event

Articles to Write:

  • Why I Chose Tezos
  • Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures — Book
  • Six Pillars First Concept Collection

Set 8:

Here are the 5 Pages of Jerome’s Journal for Set 8.


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