Daily Flavor #5: Jerome’s Journal E-Book + Set 7 Lore

The Official Newsletter of the FlavorVerse


Hey, everyone. The fifth edition of the Daily Flavor, the official newsletter of the FlavorVerse.

The Cryptid Coalition Updates

  • Jerome’s Journal E-Book
  • Costa Region Map
  • The Cryptid Coalition Championship (Community Event)
  • Cryptid Battling
Map of Costa Region

Jerome’s Journal E-Book + Costa Region Map

The Costa Region Map, the land mentioned in Jerome’s Journal, will be part of the Jerome’s Journal E-Book, something I have a lot of plans for over the years.

Important note, these drawings of mine are meant to be the first imagining of these locations and stories, and I plan to have much higher quality versions made in the future.

I will be putting together a formatted version of all the Jerome Journal Pages with a couple extra resources in it, and turning it into an NFT with the E-Book as Unlockable Content.

Flavor Emblem Holders will be receiving a special edition of Jerome’s Journal.

I’ll chop up the map, and create promotional material that dives into the lore behind each and every section of the Costa Region Map, such as the location of Lake Melancholy, Great Ice Mountain, The Cryptid Coalition, and Pixie Paul’s Packaging.

Cryptid Battling + The Cryptid Coalition Championship Event

I have been setting up the mechanics of a Cryptid Battling system. This will be a Simultaneous Turn Based Prep game focusing on Prediction and Positioning.

There will be a large scale Community Event that will be cemented into the FlavorVerse History, and will allow Flavor Emblem holders to make their stamp into the FlavorVerse History Book. Set 7 of Jerome’s Journal

These Pages are part of Set 7, and will all be released this week in article and in NFT form. You can find the Jerome Journal Pages at Rarible.com/FlavorVerse, and they act as OG Membership Passes of the FlavorVerse, and will unlock a free Flavor Emblem down the line.

FlavorVerse History Book

*This section is from the last edition of the Daily Flavor.

In the FlavorVerse, there is a character who was granted the ability to time travel, and has been compiling together their own History Book.

I will be creating an article that pieces together all of the Lore related NFT’s and Stories, and adding them to the FlavorVerse History Book.

This will have a vague timeline, and will be used as a source book.

Right now, there are two things discovered from the History Book:

Jerome’s Journal is a collection of lore relating to Cryptids, written from the perspective of the character Jerome from The Cryptid Coalition.

Lake Melancholy is an excerpt from the novel, Toy Saga, the Third Pillar of the FlavorVerse. It features Cryptids.

Each of these have NFT’s relating to them.

Jerome’s Journal has 10 copies of each of the 40 Pages, and these will act as OG Membership Passes within the FlavorVerse. All proceeds from these will go into helping build the overall Flavor Emblems project, including the Metaverse.

Lake Melancholy has 125 Standard Copies for 0.7 Tezos ($3). There are 40 Legendary Editions, and these will be sent to Holders of a Genesis Flavor Emblem. I do not claim to be good at drawing, however, but by purchasing this NFT, it is the short story itself that the picture represents.


Thanks for sticking with me this far. I have a lot of plans for the Jerome’s Journal E-Book, the first sourcebook of the FlavorVerse.

I will likely begin pushing some of the other Pillars of the FlavorVerse in the future.

Upcoming Articles:

  • History of the FlavorVerse Vol. 1 — The Official Directory for the FlavorVerse
  • The Six Pillars of the FlavorVerse — Going into detail the reason and the plan behind the Six Pillars of the FlavorVerse.


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Building a canonically weaved world known as the FlavorVerse from the stories I create as a writer, director, and gamer.

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Building a canonically weaved world known as the FlavorVerse from the stories I create as a writer, director, and gamer.