Daily Flavor #4: Original Flavor Badge POAP, FlavorVerse NFT’s+ Future Plans

Original Flavor POAP


Hey, everyone. The fourth edition of the Daily Flavor, the official newsletter of the FlavorVerse.

This is basically a log of anything going on in the FlavorVerse, and how I will update on what’s coming up in the FlavorVerse alongside letting you know what I’ve been working on.

We have officially hit the 100 mark in the Discord! 🎉 🎊

With this milestone, and the influx of new members, I’ll do a quick reintroduction to who I am.

My name is Danathon James, I also go by Flavor. I have been writing stories since I was a child, but for the past 7 years or so, I’ve been dedicating my life to creating the FlavorVerse, a canonically weaved together fantasy world.

I’ve built what I call the Six Pillars of the FlavorVerse, something that will be referenced a lot. These Six Pillars are Six different story worlds, and I have created something of a large scale History Book based on the world they exist in.

Some stories will take place in the world and time period of The Cryptid Coalition, The First Pillar.

Others might take place thousands of years apart from the stories of The Cryptid Coalition, and I plan to make multiple different stories in each of the Pillars, usually having a “main story” in each of them.

This is akin to Monsters Inc and The Incredibles being in the same canonically weaved world, or the Pixar Theory, the theory that all films in the Pixar Universe are connected. However, that is just a theory, I plan to make it canon in the FlavorVerse.

These will be standalone, you won’t need to keep up with every single Pillar if there’s some you don’t like, my goal is to create a universe where I can find a character for everyone to connect to.

I am a Director, and have the goal of filming multiple movies in the FlavorVerse, and create a Play-To-Earn gamified experience within a Metaverse, featuring both Casual and Competitive play, along with an expanded lore Quest System. I have many types of games I want to create.

Original Flavor Badge POAP

The Icon at the top of the article. I will be sending Claim Codes out shortly after publishing this article. These are the Original Flavor Badges and will represent and prove that you were here during the origination of the FlavorVerse.

I plan to build the FlavorVerse for the rest of my life; we truly are just getting started.

Genesis Flavor Emblems

Genesis Flavor Emblems

I have released the Genesis Set of the Flavor Emblems. You can find them here on Rarible. I am currently using the Tezos network for these because I plan to give out a good amount of lore related airdrops, and I needed a blockchain that was manageable for me to do so.

The Genesis set is the first set being released. 40 1/1 3d Collectible Cards, one for each Cryptid in Jerome’s Journal: An Encyclopedia of Cryptids and Other Mythical Creatures. Holding a Flavor Emblem gives you access to airdrops for FlavorVerse collectibles that will effect how much tokens you are given when it is time to make a token.

Half of these cost 13 Tezos, Half cost 16. A natural rewarding system to those earlier.

I expect there to end up being around 5000 Flavor Emblems, a lot of them will be Core Characters of the stories I tell. There will be many different rarities in the future, but I plan to make the Genesis Flavor Emblems the most spectacular, my OG Group of Holders.

Take a more in-depth look at the what the Flavor Emblems project is about.

FlavorVerse History Book

In the FlavorVerse, there is a character who was granted the ability to time travel, and has been compiling together their own History Book.

I will be creating an article that pieces together all of the Lore related NFT’s and Stories, and adding them to the FlavorVerse History Book.

This will have a vague timeline, and will be used as a source book.

Right now, there are two things discovered from the History Book:

Jerome’s Journal is a collection of lore relating to Cryptids, written from the perspective of the character Jerome from The Cryptid Coalition.

Lake Melancholy is an excerpt from the novel, Toy Saga, the Third Pillar of the FlavorVerse. It features Cryptids.

Each of these have NFT’s relating to them.

Jerome’s Journal has 10 copies of each of the 40 Pages, and these will act as OG Membership Passes within the FlavorVerse. All proceeds from these will go into helping build the overall Flavor Emblems project, including the Metaverse.

Lake Melancholy has 125 Standard Copies for 0.7 Tezos ($3). There are 40 Legendary Editions, and these will be sent to Holders of a Genesis Flavor Emblem. I do not claim to be good at drawing, however, but by purchasing this NFT, it is the short story itself that the picture represents.


If you stuck with me until now, thank you so much. Glad to have everyone here in the FlavorVerse so early. I have A LOT of things planned, including a Battle System being created for the Cryptids.

I have Set 7 of Jerome’s Journal coming in the next couple of days! It is the second to last set. After Set 8, I will compile it into an e-book and turn it into an NFT. This will allow me to gift special editions of it to my Holders, and have common editions sold incredibly low.


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