Daily Flavor #3: Flavor Emblems Genesis, Set 6, and OG Flavor POAP

The Official Newsletter of the FlavorVerse


Sup, flavors, third edition of the Daily Flavor, the official newsletter of the FlavorVerse.

Flavor Emblems Genesis Set

I have released the Genesis Edition of the Flavor Emblems! These are the main collectibles within the FlavorVerse. I will be gifting out many different lore NFT drops to holders, and use these are the skeleton for what I’m creating within the FlavorVerse the rest of my life.

40 unique 1/1 3d collectible cards.

These will be listed on Rarible.com/flavoremblems, half of them for 13 XTZ, half for 16 XTZ.

Battle System

I am currently in the process of creating a battle system with the Cryptids in a way where it will be created into a physical game, and also be able to be played within the Discord.

I will be creating lore with a campaign attached to it, alongside community competitions.

I will be incorporating community events into the lore itself. The FlavorVerse has many elements of community lore building, and I hope this will be a unique way to show it.

OG Flavor POAP

I am creating a POAP, Proof of Attendance Protocol, for the OG Flavors. This will be a FREE NFT to commemorate the event of being here from the beginning. I will write up a walkthrough of how to receive this within the next week. Here is what it will look like:

The first ever POAP for the FlavorVerse.

The Cryptid Coalition Instagram

@TheCryptidCoalition Instagram going well! We have reached over 50 followers in such a short time! Crawling towards that 100. Please be sure to follow!

Image of The Cryptid Coalition Instagram Carousels, The Basilisk

FlavorVerse Merch

The official FlavorVerse Merch store is up! 39 of the 40 Cryptids are up in the store with Hoodies, Shirts, and Tank Tops. It will soon have stickers!(the Kappa has some copyright issues on the Spring site itself)

FlavorVerse Merch Store Shirts

I plan to have a lot of products revolving around the Cryptid Brand itself. I worked for the Candle Company, Voluspa, for over a year as a Brand Ambassador, and it brought me to wanting to create Candles for each of the Cryptids down the line, bridging the storytelling elements brought from the brand to a sensory experience.


This past week I got my Flavor Emblems up on Rarible, and will be putting them on sale tomorrow, 1/4/22. The rest of the Upcoming section is the same as last weeks.

Second Pillar: 2184. I would like to introduce the next story world within the FlavorVerse because I feel once all of the Pillars start running, the vision and scope of the FlavorVerse will truly come to life. 2184 will be the first feature film I direct as well, so I think it’s important for me to start building its life on the Blockchain now.

Lost Cities — In the FlavorVerse, I have multiple Lost City Legends that exist, such as the city of Atlantis and the desert oasis of Zerzura. This will be a world building project that I do things with for years to come, building each individual city. I will eventually create 1/1 NFT full page drawings with utility in the FlavorVerse.

Audio Recordings for Jerome’s Journal — I will be recording the audio recording of Jerome’s Journal to intake the lore in an audio format. I will also be creating short videos with these for marketing purposes.

Set 6

Here are the Jerome Journal Pages of Set 6. Find them on Rarible.com/FlavorVerse

Frog, Hippalectryon, Imp
Minotaur, Skvader


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