B.I.F.I.D.O [ZARA Experiment #1]

Lore from the world of 2184, the 2nd Pillar of the FlavorVerse

2 min readJul 18, 2023
B.I.F.I.D.O. [ZARA Experiment #1]


ZARA has ordered me to work on what they are calling the B.I.F.I.D.O. project. It makes me nauseous every time I think of it. A genetically modified canine, trained to attack on command precisely with remote direction. And we’ve found a way to finally make it happen. Failed experiment after failed experiment has lead us to biologically attaching a secondary synthetic wolf head to a subspecies of wolf that used to live in the wilderness outside the walls. These wolves were vicious and feral, but overtime they were partially domesticated when trained young.

The first few augmented upgrades always ended up shutting the wolves’ system down, but after a successful link, ZARA pushed me to go further.

A couple of Blue Stripes were convinced to join the team, thinking that they were helping the resistance, and I was forced to do a despicable act.

I was to fuse their beings inside the souls of the experiment, creating a mutation of part canine, part robot, and part human.


  • The B.I.F.I.D.O Flavor Emblem was hatched on 7/17/23 from the Second Annual Mystery Egg Celebration, where holders received the ZARA’s Bioengineered Mechanical Egg on 4/17/23.





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