A Little Boonie Told Me: Chapter 8

The Fictional Diary Of An Optimistic Gender Neutral Child With Anxiety

2 min readJul 27, 2022


Dear Little Boonie,

Holidays are a tough time of the year.

There’s so much excitement going on, but excitement is frantic.

I don’t like eggnog. Everybody loves it, though, and I’m the weird one for not liking it.

If they like it so much, why do they only drink it this time of the year?

Oh, it’s only in stores at this time of the year. I wonder why that is. No, actually, I don’t wonder. That’s probably one of those darker, we run on corporate greed, kind of situations where I’m supposed to pretend it’s not and be happy.

I don’t think that egg nog coming out for a special time isn’t something that shouldn’t be special. Actually, it’s really special.

That’s tradition. Making something mean more than it is, and a way to put value in what you cherish.

A time to slow down, and value the people around you.

Eggnog is valued more because it’s grouped in with a time where you value what you want to be around you.

Maybe that’s why the excitement is overwhelming during holidays.

Because I don’t like eggnog.


Little Boonie

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The fictional diary of a gender neutral child with anxiety named Little Boonie, A Little Boonie Told Me.

Little Boonie is an incredibly hopeful and optimistic child, who has trouble focusing on the same topic for more than a few minutes. They are artistic minded, and in the process of experiencing the world around them.





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