A Little Boonie Told Me: Chapter 5

Dear Little Boonie,

To be the best. The need to be the best. The potential to be the best.

Is that a curse?

Is that some privilege I’ve been given and would be a fool not to take the chance?

I think the lemonade is getting to my head. My mother told me I’m not supposed to have sugar, or I get too excited and hyper, and when I’m too excited, I act out.

My parents always tell me I should be an actor because I’m so dramatic, but I’m more into comedy right now because I’m a hoot and a half! I’m not actually that funny, not haha-laugh-out-loud-rolling-on-the-floor-laughing funny anyways. I’m more of an interesting thought provider type of funny.

A “what if instead of this thing that just happened happened, this happened!” type of funny. A funny that could make you chuckle from an idea. I don’t think I’m the best at being funny, that was another thought I had, and I switched from that thought without having a proper segue to the other thought, but I thought that thought — eh, you get it, moving on.

I do want to be the best, but in an artist kind of way, where you know there truly isn’t ever an actual best, but best as in at one point in time, someone connected with their own moment in time so much, they perceived my piece of art as the best art ever, even if it’s clearly not.

That’s because art is an explosion, a single instance in time, a segment where you know this exact thought, discussion, connection of human beings is in itself a clear essence of art, and the only way you can explain that single feeling that you yourself are unsure if you even understand is to physically create a tangible piece of a definition to ease that irritant feeling inside you.

I probably can’t be an artist.

What do my parents know about the arts anyway?

Sincerely yours,

Little Boonie

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The fictional diary of a gender neutral child with anxiety named Little Boonie, A Little Boonie Told Me.

Little Boonie is an incredibly hopeful and optimistic child, who has trouble focusing on the same topic for more than a few minutes. They are artistic minded, and in the process of experiencing the world around them.




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