A Little Boonie Told Me: Chapter 2

Dear Little Boonie,

It is usually dark.

The harsh realities of insomnia keep me from seeing anything but the early rising of the sun, and when I wake, it is usually setting by then.

The first hour or so is just me laying there, fighting the urge to refill my bottle of water. I’m still getting used to using this bottle, but everyone else uses them, so I have to get used to it.

I prefer my mason jars for any drinking activities; I had a 12-set of them, now 11, that fit perfectly into the size of my hand, and it’s spacious enough to host enough of that good H20 where I feel it’s an acceptable amount to fill it to just before the tippy-top, but not big enough to the point where I’m not going to finish it, and I end up dumping out the last quarter of water because it’s sat in the cup for too long.

Yeah, I debate to myself a lot. It really does pass the time nicely, though.

The light switch is about 8 feet away, and if I just sit up, and take a step forward, I’d be able to see the room I should call my sanctuary. Eh, maybe later. Not right now. I’ll stay in the dark.

I don’t hate it, ya know? I mean, I don’t love it, it can be scary, and it’s naturally mysterious, but in my sanctuary, there’s just a certain kind of productivity you can find in the most barren ways.

Like I can be in a fairy tale if I wanted to, and I don’t even have to close my eyes to picture it in my head.

Instead of the black and grey walls around the unit of my small cubicle, I can be in a world where Princess Gumdrop’s prized giant-long-lasting jawbreaker, the last chunk from the ancient Choclotonian times is being threatened by a group of thieves attending the annual Licorice Twist Masquerade.

The Masquerade is colorful. It’s pretty.

Most are.


Little Boonie

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The fictional diary of a gender neutral child with anxiety named Little Boonie, A Little Boonie Told Me.

Little Boonie is an incredibly hopeful and optimistic child, who has trouble focusing on the same topic for more than a few minutes. They are artistic minded, and in the process of experiencing the world around them.




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